Zanzibar Dolphin Tour & Stone Town Tour

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Zanzibar Dolphin Tour & Stone Town Tour


Recommended Zanzibar Tours & Excursions offers!!! Breakfast at Zanzibar Beach hotels. Experience the magic of Swimming with Dolphins during this memorable 03 Hours trip from Kizimkazi Beach. You’ll snorkel and swim alongside these mammals in the open sea and spend time relaxing on the white sands of picturesque Menai Beach. Enjoy a half-day exploration of Stone Town, Set out to see some of the city's top attractions, including its Historical Sites and the UNESCO-listed cathedral, home to many archaeological relics. We have exclusive surprise added values and extras to make sure that this excursion is for your special getaway in Zanzibar.


Stop At: Kizimkazi Dolphin Atoll; Menai Bay Conservation Area
Cruise along Kizimkazi Beach to discover wild dolphins on this 03 hours Indian Ocean water adventure in Menai Bay Conservation Area. Get an up-close encounter with these playful marine mammals on specially designed viewing fiber boats as an experienced crew navigates Indian Ocean waters. In addition to dolphins, take in magnificent views of Kizimkazi Village, Local Beach Hotels and local Markets.
Stop At: Zanzibar Stone Town Tour
Trace the rich history of Zanzibar, including its Pre-Arabian Cultures, Colonial Era, and contemporary present, during this 03-hour of Stone Town Tour. Explore the Catholic Cathedral, then discover Old Dispensary House. You’ll finish your day with a look at some of modern-day Zanzibar’s top neighborhoods.

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Hurumzi Street, The Heart of Stone Town – Old Kenyatta Road
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+255 678 247 360


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